… so last friday we completed our first 2018 WorkShop in Barcelona. The free course took place in our Training Center in Barcelona and our experts – Paolo Bonamigo & Christian Davidson – were in charge of it.Under the slogan “Learn from those who really know,” we invite all those interested in knowing and learning to install MicrocementoMicrobeton and Matterico.

The workshop is completely free and you will presence a live demonstration. We will be sharing our accumulated experience over 30 years, that is backed by over 2,000,000 m2 installed. Come on! You can register for the next, clicking here Course and Training Schedule.

In this YouTube link you can see a video summary of these courses we are offering: SEE VIDEO

Remember that if you are excited to have an own business, the EDFAN Experts Network is waiting for you. There are already more than 80 EDFAN Authorized Applicators installing our products worldwide. Why is that? Great benefits and quality support. More INFO by clicking here to visit: BE AN EDFAN PRODUCT AUTHORIZED APPLICATOR.