Business Alliance Program

At EDFAN we are committed to client satisfaction, ensuring excellence in the application of our systems through the binomial: Product Brand + Product Installer (PI). For this reason, we selected for our official commercial network companies that share our values ​​and commitment to quality.

To our P.I.– Product Installers – as well as to our P.D. – Product Distributors- we offer EDFAN Group´s support, backed by over 2,000,000 m2 certificates worldwide and a presence in over 20 countries.

As an EDFAN Product Installer you will have unlimited access to technical sales support and marketing resources to manage your business successfully. Your success is ours too.

Key Benefits for your Company:

  • Transference of integral know-how related to the business
  • Integrating the Official EDFAN Commercial Network -Integrate Official EDFAN (positioning and brand association with industry leader brand)
  • Right to commercial use of EDFAN Marks (under regulations)
  • Access to the updating and continuous development of new products and systems
  • EDFAN Commercial visit techniques (according to agreement)

  • Exclusive Marketing Systems (MicroCement, MicroBeton, Resifan, Neobeton, ThinCrete, AquaCrete, Piedrex, Impreton, Smoothed Concrete, Oxicrete)
  • Direct purchase from the manufacturer
  • Important discounts based on the public list price
  • Training and support in commercial business management
  • Customer references and quotation requests

  • Personalized training in the installation of our systems
  • Consulting and ongoing Support
  • Access to EDFAN Intranet (download data sheets, manuals, technical reports, etc.).
  • Participation in Annual Workshops on updates, releases, etc.

  • Access to EDFAN Intranet (download catalogs, logos, pictures of works and products)
  • Your company’s presence in the applicator regional locator on our website
  • Gallery of official EDFAN photos (automatic synchronization for Tablets and Notebooks)
  • Communication advice and support on E-mail Marketing shipments to custom contact databases
  • Posts and participation in communications throughout EDFAN social networks
  • EDFAN Colour Books and catalogs (Initial Pack)
  • Product samples (Initial Pack)
  • EDFAN Corporate Supplies for Showroom or Sales Office (Initial Pack)
  • EDFAN Material for fairs and expositions (according to regulations)


  • Experience in the field of construction
  • Registered Company
  • Formal commitment to membership (1 year renewable contract)
  • Pay membership fees (one-time)
  • Annual Membership Renewal
  • Minimum annual material purchase commitment
  • Minimum annual sales volume
  • Showroom / Sales Office (optional)
  • Participation in the EDFAN onboarding training

If you are interested in this proposal, please complete the form and we’ll contact you: