Showroom EDFAN


We are an international company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, installing and marketing linings for construction. Focused on continuous type linings, EDFAN looks to set trends: we seek continuity in order to both avoid gaskets from traditional pavement, as well as to give an image of continuity between environments.

Born in the late 90s in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have managed to internationalize and reach diverse markets worldwide. We have authorized applicators in countries of South America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia. With more than 70 EDFAN applicators in different parts of the world we have consolidated as an international company focused on achieving high performance products which set trends.

At EDFAN we offer all the continuous lining solutions for floors and walls, for both indoor and outdoor as well as for swimming pools. We stand out for developing and producing high quality products with a defined aesthetic, easy maintenance and high resistance.

Over the years and always with the idea of generating new products, we have developed the imprinted concrete (Impretón), Smoothed Concrete and well known MicroCement markets. Let’s shoot for more…

Take a tour of our website and be amazed by all the options that we have to offer!

Sebastian E. Mato