All your doubts about EDFAN Linings, we will explain them to you.

All the issues. All answers to questions that most people ask about our products.Where can it be used? How to maintain? How to install my product? And much more.

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What is MicroCement?
MicroCement is cement lining with color, little thickness, which serves to coat all kinds of surfaces.

What can MicroCement be used for?
MicroCement applications are varied. It can be applied on flooring, walls, stairs or ceilings. It can also be applied to enhance the finish of the in-sight concrete.

Can MicroCement be used as exterior cladding?
MicroCement is both an indoor and outdoor finish. EDFAN cement products are stable against UV Rays.

Can you apply MicroCement on ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo or marble?

Yes, MicroCement is ideal for renovations without construction work. MicroCement adheres very well to all kinds of bases, even on tiles. This allows, in a few days – and without demolishing – lining with a modern and innovative finish.

Can you apply MicroCement on plasterboard, wood plates or concrete slabs?

Yes, EDFAN MicroCement can be applied on all these surfaces.

Can I make faux finishes using calcareous EDFAN MicroCement?
Yes you can. This type of work is done with the stencil technique. Designs can be truly customized. Finishes are achieved as calcareous but continuous pavement.

Does MicroCement needs gaskets?
No, EDFAN MicroCement does not require gaskets. It is a continuous floor, but if you wish you can use them.

Does MicroCement crack?
No, EDFAN MicroCement does not crack. In the past, on occasion the foundations would crack and that ended up affecting the MicroCement the same way. EDFAN continually works to advance production techniques and currently has technical solutions that avoid this process.

Can you make a floor full-color MicroCement or without water?
No, it is not possible. As it’s a cement lining, it has water. If you want a monochrome or full-color floor, EDFAN recommends another one of our products: RESIFAN.

With MicroCement, is it possible to coat furniture or countertops?
Yes, this product can coat all furniture and countertops. In addition, EDFAN Group has a division of exclusive cement furniture designs (indoor and outdoor) called BETROX | Concrete Design. Learn more about it, you’ll love it!

Does MicroCement stain?
No, MicroCement does not stain if you have the adequate protection. For such protection EDFAN markets and applies acrylic sealants, polyurethane sealants, lacquers or waxes. It is very important to give proper maintenance to micro-cement floors.

Is EDFAN MicroCement manufactured by third parties?
No. EDFAN manufactures, markets and installs EDFAN MicroCement. EDFAN has its own plant in America (Argentina – Buenos Aires) and in Europe (Spain – Barcelona) where it also has commercial offices.

Can I buy EDFAN MicroCement and apply it myself or can my builder?
Yes, you can contact any of our offices or authorized applicators to buy the material only. EDFAN also has a network of licensed applicators who can help you find a licensed EDFAN expert HERE.

Is MicroCement a high traffic floor?
Yes, EDFAN MicroCement perfectly resists high traffic. MicroCement is applied to homes, shops, cinemas, theaters and public areas.

Is it possible to place EDFAN MicroCement on radiant floors?
Yes, MicroCement is ideal for radiant floors: very thin and the heat transfer is direct. The low thermal inertia of a lining with very low thickness (only 2 mm) is also highlighted.

Is MicroCement a flat/non-slip lining?
According to European standard tests, MicroCement is Class 2. If a non-slip MicroCement floor is desired EDFAN can make a special finish that leaves the MicroCement fully non-slip making it Class 3.

Does Microbeton support high transit?
Yes, we highly recommend the use of Microbeton for commercial and public places with high traffic, like malls and parkings.
Can Resifan be installed on an irregular floor?
Resifan copies the base on which it´s installed. We advise bases to be in perfect condition before installation ( before resifan is applied).
Can NeoBeton be installed in my House?
It´s mostly prescribed for large surfaces such as shopping centers due to the type of machinery required for installation.
Can I make personalized disigns?
Sure! With PiueDrex you can combine different colour pebbles achieving several design patterns.
Can I use impreton for the cars entrance of my house?
Impreton was developed to be used on big surfaces and tolerate heavy traffic. It’s perfect for entries of cars and sidewalks.
What is the difference between Edfan Microcement and Smooth Concrete?
Smooth Concrete has a thickness of 50 to 70 mm. It needs contraction joints and creates significant weight on the structure. It is usually placed in new buildings. Microcement Edfan is a thin cement coating, 2 mm THICK, which can be APPLIED TO existing surfaces. It does not require any joints and can be placed both horizontal and vertical. It is ideal for quick refurbishments, or remodeling or redecorating
Can I use salty water in my pool with Aquacrete?
No, only fresh water can be used.

Can Aquacrete be used in an old swimming pool?
Yes,Aquacrete can be used in an old swimming pool if it is in a good condition.


Can I use Thincrete on a House facade?
Thincrete can be placed vertically, both indoors and outdoors. On walls, fountains, facades, etc.


Do we need to maintain Revokolor on walls inside a house?
The MAIN benefit Revokolor has is its low maintenance. It is ideal for those areas yhat you do not want to paint year after year.